An Agriculture Company Representing a Collective Group of Farmers and Researchers

Developing Sustainable Practices of Scale, Focused Around Soil Health 

7 Generation Producers:

New “Purpose Grown” Cash Crops & Farming Practices For Changing The Future


Nicolaus Farm, “Model Farm of the Future”

7 Generation Producers has introduced new cash crops and farming practices for the changing future.  This project will revolutionize the industry along with creating a regenerative business to sustain the future generations to come. Organic – Green – Sustainable.




  • Organic farming practices developing genetic varieties that enhance the current ones in existence
  • Addressing markets predicted to exponentially grow as market demand for textiles. alternative energy sources and medicines are on the rise
  • “Purpose Grown” agriculture crops based on The Iroquois native tribe teaching that it takes 7 Generations to effect change




The philosophy of 7 Generations Producer is based primarily on 2 factors:

  • Honoring the Native Tribe – The Iroquois constitution, “Great Law Of Peace” of putting into practice methods to continually re-generate the lands for fertility and health.  
  • Bio-remediation of the soil and Carbon Sequestration of all crops

Farming is the Way of Our Past and the Way of Our Future,

Nicolaus is Our Future

3 Different Crops are being deployed at a 100+ acre farm in Nicolaus, California

3 Acres of Moringa, 60 Acres of Sweet Potatoes, 100 dwellings for people, space for retail nursery,

5 acres for Recycling/Compost and remainder in Hemp/cannabis

7 Generation Producers Products


A superfood carrying exceptional properties to fight disease and increase life span

  • 1st certified USDA Organic Nursery that sells Moringa as a Nursery Stock in North America
  • The most nutrient dense “Bio-Available” Moringa powder, oil & fresh leaf for the market. 
  • California grown. One of few stateside growers, manufacturer and distributors
  • 20,000 lbs per acre conservatively annually can be an expected harvest


A profitable and truly sustainable feedstock energy process

  • Patented genetics producing a high-yielding, high starch NON-GMO industrial sweet potato 
  • Developed at the USDA by a Lead Breeder
  • Estimated production of 2500+ gallons of 200 proof (Ethanol/Medical grade alcohol per acre.
  • Additionally, 1000 lbs per acre of an odorless and colorless COMPLETE PROTEIN can be extracted 
  • Vines are edible for cattle with Japanese studies revealing it has great health benefits for livestock
  • Farm trials as a bio-ethanol crop are currently in process
  • Research supported on national and international grants


The plant Cannabis Saativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a delt-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis

  • Late stage approval: 1st Hemp seed certified under AOSCA
  • Providing Hemp fiber as a sustainable alternative to the textile industry
  • Proven seed and genetics R&D
  • Bioremediation of the soil and Carbon Sequestration of the crop is the foremost focus
  • Goal:  to get Industrial Hemp varieties qualified as an Advanced Bio-fuel (ABF)