Accelerating Earth’s Transition to Sustainable Solutions

Your Environmental Impact Starts Now

Are you a Business OR Consumer determined to support the well-being of Earth? Every step we take together allows for Mother Earth to breath & exhale.


To Represent A Sustainable Network Of Products and Services For Environmentally and Socially Conscious Businesses To Accelerate Earth’s Transition to Sustainable Solutions.



SOIL CONDITIONER – Improve soil’s physical qualities such as the structure, porosity, water holding potential, and its ability to provide nutrition.

SOIL FOOD – Objective of feeding the community through soil microbes including bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi and larger animals of the soil.

BIOFERTILIZER – When applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, colonize the rhizosphere promoting growth by increasing the supply of primary nutrients to the host plant.


MORINGA – “The Worlds Greatest Superfood”, carrying exceptional properties to fight disease and increase life span. CA Certified Organic Moringa. 

SWEET POTATOES – Food, Feed, Fuel. Patent: A high-yielding, high starch industrial sweet potato. 

INDUSTRIAL HEMP – Plastics, Wood Products, Textiles, Energy, Medicine and Reclamation Projects. 1st in CA Certified Seed under AOSCA Standards.


Cat Maida and Jana Moreno

It’s 2016, a room full of business professionals, two humans shared a smile, soon after, became the best of friends and business partners. Meet Cat and Jana, who collectively have 25+ years experience with the perfect blend of sales, marketing and socially conscious work ethics. We bring passion for the earth’s well-being to reverse what has been done in the past, allowing future generations to live in a sustainably supported world once again. Together, all of us can be a force for positive change.


As an independently-women-owned business, we have the freedom to support causes we believe in.

Through our “Ignite Change” program, we’re able to give a portion of each sale to underserved communities and sustainable solutions.

We believe we can all make a difference, together.

We all must take responsibility for mama earth and drive positive change. Creating a better future for tomorrow, starts today.